Welcome to Gay Couple Counselling (Havant)

Our Couple Counselling service might just be what Hampshire gay and lesbian couples have been looking for.

Counselling for LGBT Couples.

Are you a gay couple? A lesbian couple? A couple of mixed sexual-orientation?

Are you seeking counselling for your couple relationship?

At GayCoupleCounselling.com (based in Havant, Hampshire) you will find the right qualified therapist who focuses on the needs of LGBT couples in therapy.

We offer face-t0-face counselling, and online/video counselling:-


Your Choice of LGBT Counsellor.

The therapist you choose works with gay couples world wide and will be qualified and experienced in working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and mixed-sexuality couples. We’re here to help your partnership get back on its feet again when things have been going wrong.

Counsellor of the Month: Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) – Havant.


Counselling Services.

Helpful things you will find on this website:-

You will also find Articles and Book Recommendations (for those into bibliotherapy).


Got a Question?

If looking through our website hasn’t answered your questions, please contact us for free (no fees for pre-counselling enquiries).



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