Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

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Case Example: “We don’t know how to be around each other.”

Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

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These couple are in an early stage of their relationship, fell in love a short-while  ago, and whilst the couple might be physically mature, there is a sense of immaturity or “youngness” about them.

As the relationship progresses, the couple find  it increasingly difficult to be around each other. Both partners might have advertised (or wanted) for relationships that were “no baggage” or “sorted only” and when meeting a partner that appeared to fit the bill all seems good.

Wondering with the couple about ‘no baggage’ can be revealing about each partner individually – what does this mean to them.  It could suggest that a partner’s own past or struggles will not be brought up or disturbed only if the other partner doesn’t bring stuff up (don’t rock the boat).

Helping a couple recognise that baggage can be disturbing, but can also be unpacked and re-packed in a better way.  With a little help, learning and understanding from both partners, it can become a helpful way to treat old wounds.

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  1. I have a couple of good strghait friends. But I have lost friendships with strghait guys because of my sexual orientation. That is just the way it goes sometimes. But i definitely feel you on hanging around the weirdos and not attaching myself long term to any one person. You need to make friends with people who can support you. And people you can support back. My problem tends to be I end up doing all of the supporting and no one holds up there end. I burn out.

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