Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

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Case Example: “Partner contracts HIV.”

Case Examples of Gay Couple Counselling

"Model of a Virus" © Eviltomthai

This kind of couple comes to me being referred by their doctor of GU clinic.  One (or both) of them has caught a sexually transmitted disease, or in particularly bad cases the partner has become HIV+.  It can bring into question the faithfulness in the relationship – or behaviour other than that agreed in the relationship (eg an open relationship that had boundaries which have been broken).

A major difficulty in this work can be partners who have been turning a blind-eye to their partner’s behaviour.  For example, taking it upon faith that the partner is not sleeping around behind his back.  When a discovery such as an STD cannot be denied, the partnership may struggle with the truth of faithfulness finally coming out.

An STD might be a symptom of the functioning of the relationship – an “infection” that has infected the relationship.  Just like physical diseases can be treated once they’re diagnosed, relationship conflicts can also be treated in counselling once the partners have been helped to diagnose the problem.

With some careful work, both partners will be helped to discuss how the STD-fact has impacted upon their relationship, and the consequences of hidden truths behind revealed. 

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  1. I have a couple of good strghait friends. But I have lost friendships with strghait guys because of my sexual orientation. That is just the way it goes sometimes. But i definitely feel you on hanging around the weirdos and not attaching myself long term to any one person. You need to make friends with people who can support you. And people you can support back. My problem tends to be I end up doing all of the supporting and no one holds up there end. I burn out.

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