Dean’s Fees for Couple Counselling

Dean’s Fees for Couple Counselling

Dean Richardson’s fees for LGBT couple counselling.

Dean’s Fees for Couple Counselling

I have a rather innovative approach to couple counselling fees: both of you are invited to propose a per-session fee that you both can responsibly afford.

I offer a suggestion as to a fee to think about, but (from a point of view that mirrors our approach to couple counselling) the fee both of you pay should be a value that both you and your partner have discussed and agreed upon.

I can help with that discussion too.  If you both believe that there is a counselling fee that better matches your income & expenses, then this is the fee that we will negotiate upon upon.

I also realise that couples come into counselling sometimes under great stress – and fee discussing is difficult at that time.  So, I commit to reviewing the fees at any stage of the therapy work, if this helps the both of you.

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How to pay.

I ask to be paid every session and before the beginning of the next session. If you and your partner would prefer to pay monthly or by another method we can arrange this too. Paying in a non-British/foreign currency is supported, and is handled by my PayPal account.

Payments can be made online, by card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

See here for more information about paying by card or bank transfer.

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