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You are about to contact Dean Richardson to enquire about counselling sessions for gay couples.

Contacting Dean via the Contact Form (below) is much swifter than by telephone.

I use a 24/7 telephone messaging service and calling you back at a time when you’re at your phone can be a bit hit-and miss.

Using our contact form allows me to email both you and your partner back without you having to be at your computer … and I aim to reply to your message within 2 days.

If you do telephone me, and I have been unable to speak with you or leave a message, I will make no more than two attempts.  If you request I contact you by telephone and you have not heard back from me within 2 days, please contact me again but using the form-method instead.


Contact Dean Richardson.

Due to email SPAM problems, I have moved my contact form to my other website at Havant Counselling – this way you get a consistent service & better chance of receiving my replies (which are sometimes filtered out of your Inbox by GMail’s anti-spam filters etc).

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