Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

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How Dean Richardson Differs from other Therapists.

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

In counselling, I use no magic and no clever-sounding mind-techniques (eg  NLP or hypnotic language).

I do not prescribe courses of action (“If you do this then…”) and I don’t give normative views on your relationship (“What a functional couple would do you in your situation is…”)

To some beginning counselling for the first time, it can seem like you and Dean are just having a conversation or even just being social; but it’s a very special and effective kind of conversation that helps couples to figure out for themselves how they rid themselves of burden, relationship conflicts, and to transform their relationship together.

The Technical Bit.

My couple counselling service is primarily a combination of Systemic and Psychodynamic models of psychotherapy, with appropriate enhancements from a Cognitive Behavioural Approach and group analytic/facilitative approaches.

In our relationships, we unknowingly set up patterns of behaviour that are meant to help us automatically avoid pain and anxiety.  These are unconscious defences and they work without our conscious knowledge (in other words, this behaviour is not happening by deliberate choice).

  • Sometimes these patterns of behaviour are helpful and the relationship manages its conflicts well.
  • Sometimes these patterns of behaviour are helpful and the relationship suffers.
  • Working through relationship conflicts by getting in the way of the unsatisfactory patterns of behaviour can release a relationship.  It allows the couple the opportunity to choose to work through defences and shared anxieties, and can help the couple to bond again.
  • Similarly, couples who wish to separate, but are struggling to do so, can find working with Dean helps them find mutually-agreeable ways to separate from the relationship; couple counselling is not just about keeping a couple together.

Couple counselling is a robust process – couples in conflict may tend towards arguing and bring out the worst in each other – all this is useful in helping the couple work through the bad stuff to help them find the good stuff.

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