Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

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Dean Richardson’s Therapeutic Approach.

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

I am a systemic/psychodynamic couple counsellor who specialises in gay, lesbian, mixed-sexuality couple  relationships.

Systemic: Without thinking about it, we set up mechanisms (or ‘Systems’) in our relationships. When Partner 1 does ‘X’ it often leads to Partner 2 doing ‘Y’, which leads to Partner 1 responding with ‘Z’ which always leads to an argument.  Systemic work focuses on learning how the couple’s systems work, and invites curiosity & inspiration to perturb (or re-wire) the systems so that alternative outcomes are available to the relationship.

Psychodynamic: It’s not true that we bring ‘no baggage’ into our relationships. Who we are and what we understand about couple relationships come from our past; unconsciously we’re bound to repeat these historic templates. Sometimes we unconsciously use our relationships in an attempt to repair past traumas (eg by unconsciously recreating past situations in the here and now). Sometimes our past experiences bias our present-day behaviour (leaving our partner confused and unable to respond appropriately to us). Learning to become aware of our unconscious contributions into our relationships can help us bring conscious changes.

Combining systemic & psychodynamic approaches, in the hands of an experienced therapist,  creates a powerfully therapeutic & containing structure in which a couple can perturb their unhappy behaviours and, together, bring about the changes they would both like with each other. Add the more useful aspects of other approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt, Person Centred, art/drama, plus the most important therapists-to-be: both of you, and we have the potential cure to a relationship’s “illness”.

Dean Richardson’s Professional Qualifications.

My full title is :-

Dean Richardson, Dip Psych Couns, PG Dip Couple Couns, MNCS(Accredited Registrant).

The letters after my name mean:

  • Dip Psych Couns: Diploma in psychodynamic counselling (2003). Awarded for completing the Chichester Counselling Services BACP-accredited diploma in psychodynamic counselling for individuals (between 1999 & 2003) having obtained a minimum of 100 hours supervised practice and passed all assessment of required academic criteria.
  • PG Dip Couple Couns: Post-graduate diploma in couple counselling (2009).  Awarded for completing the Chichester Counselling Services diploma in systemic/psychodynamic counselling for couples (2007-2009) having obtained a minimum of 100 hours supervised practice and passed assessment of all required academic criteria.
  • MNCS: member of the National Counselling Society ( – this is my professional body whose professional ethical guidelines umbrella my practice.
  • Accredited: Accreditation confirms my substantial experience and training (for example – obtaining a minimum of 450 supervised practice-hours, evidence of critical practice-thinking & philosophy, evidence of ongoing professional development/training and maintaining appropriate insurance).
  • Registrant: Voluntary register of counsellors & psychotherapists.

Plus, my choices in continued professional development (CPD) allows me to integrate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches (CBT/CBA) and a group analytic (IGA) and facilitative (IBM) approaches (eg for polyamorous relationships) into the therapy work.

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