Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

About Dean Richardson.

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Fortunately, nowadays there are fewer counsellors who say that they won’t work with LGBT people.  Whilst this is a blessing, there are still counsellors who are not specifically qualified in couple counselling… and even a significant number of those counsellors have little or no experience in working with gay or lesbian couples.

Hello – I’m Dean Richardson and I am an actual gay couples counsellor, qualified to work with couples and actively working with gay, lesbian, trans* & mixed-sexuality couple relationships. Spot the difference! 😉

My private practice is centred in the South of England (Portsmouth, Hampshire) where you and your partner can meet with me in Havant (map of Havant/PO9 area). I also work online via video counselling to meet with LGBT couples through using Skype’s “group chat” free video conferencing software.

Why consider Dean Richardson as your gay couple counsellor?

  • I’m a professional gay couple counsellor, practising since 1999.
  • I am an accredited and registered counsellor with the National Counselling Society of Great Britain [Registration #NCS15-02454].  As the UK has no therapy-licensing scheme in law, the accreditation process and registration verifies my substantial training, experience and ongoing commitment to maintaining and furthering my standards in counselling practice and ongoing professional development.
  • I work privately, not being tied to any single insurance company provider nor to any NHS counselling schemes.
  • I’m appropriately qualified, experienced, insured & supervised adhering NCS Ethical Framework.


I have worked with all sorts of gay & lesbian couples via Skype, some of whom were calling from the areas of :-

  • London, UK.
  • Birmingham, UK.
  • Los Angeles, USA.
  • Bejing, China.
  • Germany.
  • France.
  • India.
  • Canada.

… and Face-to-Face couples, some of whom were from around:-

  • Birmingham.
  • Bournemouth.
  • Brighton.
  • Chichester.
  • Emsworth.
  • Guildford.
  • Hove.
  • Portsmouth.
  • London.
  • Southampton.

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