Counselling Locations

Counselling Locations
Counselling Locations
"Joe map-reading" © Joe Flintham anticipates adding further locations as new therapists join our organisation.  

Each individual member therapist practices in their own locations.  Meanwhile, we are currently offer counselling for gay & lesbian couple relationships in two main locations:


Worldwide: Skype – Gay Couple’s Video Counselling.

For those couples who cannot travel to a therapist’s private practice, or who are in long-distance relationships, you can work with a gay couple counsellor via online video counselling – using Skype Group chat.

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Hampshire (UK): Gay Couple’s Counselling in Portsmouth, Great Britain.

United Kingdom
Dean Richardson’s private practice is based on the south Hampshire coast in Havant (North of Hayling Island, east of Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK), in a pleasantly peaceful building discretely located away just off the central town centre.  Easily accessible by train, bus and car.

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