Couple Counselling Fees

Couple Counselling Fees

How our counselling fees work.

Couple Counselling Fees

We at want to make sure that our gay couple counselling services are accessible by anyone regardless of their levels of  income.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cater for everyone’s financial situation, we hope to try to work with everyone at least to try finding a fair & reasonable fee.

Finding the Fees.

Each Gay Couple Therapist who is listed on is in charge of their own fee structure.

Different therapists in different countries will charge different rates and have different forms of discounts for those who may find the therapist’s standard fees difficult to responsibly afford.

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How to pay.

Each therapist has their own methods of payment.  For example, some therapists will be paid on each session, some may invoice you monthly. Paying in your local currency is supported, and is handled by PayPal.

Payments can be made:-

  • Online using our PayPal Online Payment Service.
  • By bank transfer.
  • In person by cash or cheque

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