Relationship Separation

Relationship Separation
Relationship Separation
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It’s a myth that couple counselling’s only intention is to keep a couple together.  

When a gay or lesbian couple decides to separate or divorce, dividing up the house isn’t always the only issue they face. can help you and your partner separate amicably (or amicably-enough) if your relationship is at an end – and you have responsibilities to manage such as divorce/civil-partnership dissolution, or children.


Separating from an emotionally difficult relationship can be very difficult – and a neutral party, such as a couples counsellor, can help the couple to manage their break up, negotiate matters that are outstanding, whilst bringing in a sense of neutrality to the ups and downs of negotiating with a ex-partner.

This is not relationship-mediation – this is a professional counselling service with experienced LGBT couple therapists who are fully aware of the difficulties when a relationship ends in separation and who can bring a welcome sense of neutrality to a relationship struggling to work through its ending.

Where children, property, finance and other relationship-responsibilities need to be dealt with concerned, ask to support you both during your relationship separation – contact us.

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