Counselling for Gay Couples

Counselling for Gay Couples

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Counselling Services for Gay Couples.

Counselling for Gay Couples

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At we realise that, as a small & specialist service, we cannot be available at all places and all times.  So, we’re starting small and expanding into locations that can best suit our clients.

Initially, we’re offering a face-to-face counselling services in Portsmouth (Hampshire, UK) and online using Skype video.

If you’ve never used Skype before, we’ll help you get going (trust us – couple counselling works just as well on Skype as it does face-to-face).

Face to Face Counselling for Gay Couples.

Situated in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

Sessions are 50-minutes weekly and held in our CEO – Dean Richardson’s – private practice.

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Skype Counselling for Gay Couples.

Ideal for long-distance gay relationships (different towns – even different countries).

Ideal for gay couples who want to work with a gay couple therapist, but who cannot travel either to/from a physical weekly, or who want to access Gay Couple Counselling’s therapy services from their home.

Uses Skype as the video/audio media – compatible with both single device (eg a video-capable PC) or multiple devices (eg a PC and a Smartphone).

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Other counselling services.

Not a gay couple?

Not even gay?

Seeking individual counselling from a gay specialist therapist?

See for more information…

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