Gay Couple Counselling for Hampshire Relationships

Havant, Hampshire (UK) and Worldwide (Skype)

Why Counselling for Gay Relationships?

Gay men and lesbian women are as capable of managing relationship conflicts as anyone else.  Through, many of us are disadvantaged by the way we were brought up in heteronormative, gay-unaware or gay-intolerant families.

It’s stereotypical to think of gay couples as destroying their relationships the moment emotional lives become complicated. ‘No baggage…’, ‘sorted…’, ‘no strings…’ are common phrases seen on gay dating services – and their use are telling of deeper issues  than a simple need for an “uncomplicated” relationship. provides therapy services for the distinct needs of gay & lesbian couples.  We’ll resolve disturbing histories, perturb repeatedly unhappy behaviours, improve trust & increase relationship intimacy…

How to Begin Counselling for Gay Couples

Let’s make this straight(!)forward for the two of you:-

  1. Choose from our Face-to-Face (Portsmouth, Hampshire) service, or our Online video Skype service.
  2. Choose a day and a time that you and your partner could attend on a weekly basis (details here).
  3. Make contact with us.
  4. We’ll return your enquiry to discuss setting up an initial appointment. won’t commit you to lengthy therapy and you’re not committed to a minimum (or maximum) number of sessions. We’ll start with one session to discuss the relationship problems, talk about what counselling-options there are for you, and to make sure that everyone is making an informed decision about LGBT Couple Counselling before arranging further weekly sessions.

Examples of Our Work

We love our relationships from a distinct perspective… our choice in counselling reflects this. Learn More