Gay Couple Counselling for Hampshire Relationships

Havant, Hampshire (UK) and Worldwide (Skype)

Specialist LGBT Couple Counselling Services available across Hampshire, UK,
from Winchester to Southampton to Fareham, Havant and Chichester,
from Isle of Wight to Portsmouth, Petersfield and Guildford.

Why Counselling for Gay Relationships?

Why Counselling for Gay Relationships?

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Gay Couple Counselling offers effective systemic, psychodynamic & cognitive behavioural approach (CBT) solutions that, for decades, have provided effective transformations for couple relationships.

Gay men and lesbian women are just as capable of managing relationship-conflicts as any other couple. Many of us, though, were disadvantaged in the way we were brought up in heteronormative, gay-unaware or gay-intolerant  families.  Sometimes, our attachment styles were disturbed leaving long-term intimacy difficult.

In Gay Couple Counselling we can work on:-

  • Communication & Listening Skills.
  • Learning how your relationship 'systems' work and how to dynamically interrupt & repair faults.
  • Understanding what your arguments are trying to achieve.
  • Understanding how your 'baggage' triggers his/hers 'baggage'.
  • Learning differences between Intimacy, Sex, Love & Affection.
  • Building a set of couple-skills to last your lifetime.

It takes courage to bring your relationship into counselling. It will be our honour to work with you.

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How to Begin Counselling for Gay Couples

How to Begin Counselling for Gay Couples

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Gay Couple Counselling has no minimum (nor maximum) number of sessions, and we won't commit you to months of counselling. We'll start with a one-off 50-minute session to talk the relationship, begin to discuss the focus of our work, and to make sure that you both feel informed about continuing in couple counselling, should you decide to continue.

Let's make this straightforward:-

  1. Choose from our Portsmouth Face-to-Face or our Skype/Online counselling service.
  2. Choose a day and a time that you both could attend weekly (details here).
  3. Contact us!

If we all agree to continue counselling, you will be invited to one individual session each, before meeting together again to aggregate our points of view. Our aim is to discover, negotiate & agree upon the focus for your unique relationship's needs in couple counselling.

You and your partner will become active participants in the therapy process and you will be creating a therapy that works uniquely for your relationship's needs… until you've no more need of the counsellor.

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We love our relationships from a distinct perspective… our choice in counselling reflects this.